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Promotion of the innovation and advancement in the food industry project

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In 2018 under Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirement, domestic food manufacturer/processor and foreign manufacturer/processor that export food into the United States needs to implement Food Safety Plan. The Food Safety Plan is based on risk-based hazard analysis and preventive controls which includes these three perspectives: food safety, food defence and food adulteration. FSMA has gained international attention from countries like China, Japan, South-East Asian countries, European Union, Australia and New Zealand. Also in 2018 GFSI has considered updating its standards to align with FSMA. These indicate FSMA has become an international food safety management benchmark. Taiwan needs to actively bring in new food safety management technology and improve food industry’s standard to cope with the international market, including gaining more export opportunities.

The goal of this project is to drive the innovation and advancement in the food industry, overall to strengthen the industry’s competitive ability. The goal is achieved by completing the following activities:

1.Collected and internalised relevant international information/tool regarding Food Protection management.

2.Organized 2 relevant Food Protection conferences by inviting domestic and foreign Food Protection experts.

3.Administrated 13 Food Protection related courses to broaden the industry’s international horizon and enhance Food Protection awareness and implementation ability.

4.Integrated relevant food protection hazard information into Food Protection Plan Builder.

5.Assisted 50 factories to establish Food Protection Plan that is compliable to United States’ Food Safety Plan.

6.Supported health-care product manufacturers by hosting 5 expert meetings, 1 health-care product related conferences and provided assistance in 2 product–development project.

7.Technically assisted 4 manufacturers developing food products for the senior population, by hosting 2 related conferences.

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