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National Quality Award

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After the Executive Yuan approved the National Quality Award in 1990, Taiwan became the first Asian country with a National Quality Award, following the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) in the United States in 1987. The National Quality Award is the highest recognition of business quality and is the only award to be issued by the Executive Yuan in Taiwan.

With consideration to the paradigm shift in global industries in recent years, the source of competitiveness, which was originally driven by "efficiency" with "quality" at its core, is now driven by "innovation" with "customers" at its core. The 25th National Quality Award referenced the award system of advanced countries in Europe and America, as well as the needs of Taiwan, and redesigned the award system, including dividing awards by different levels, adding functional awards, increasing the amount of prizes, and judging by industry. The purpose of the award is to:

I. Reward those with outstanding performance in business.

II. Set a benchmark for others to learn from.

III. Elevate the overall quality level.

IV. Create a good organization image.

The National Quality Award selects companies and individuals that can serve as role models for industries and citizens through thorough and rigorous judging standards and procedures by scholars and experts who are careful, fair, and responsible, in hopes that they will lead industries towards excellence, improve the constitution of their business, enhance Taiwan's national competitiveness, and continue improving for the sustainable development of their company and the nation.

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