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Development plan for IT services industry

  • Modified at:2020-01-15

Development plan for IT services industry aims to assist IT service companies in expanding international business and enhance the development of the industry. The contents of the plan include: Actively marketing Taiwan's industries' digitalization achievements and strength via publicity at home and abroad, in order to show Taiwan IT services companies’ capacity; assisting IT service providers build up smart city solutions demonstration sites for enhancing the company's oversea marketing abilities; connecting local organizations or industry alliances in the target markets to organize exhibitions and business activities; or provide industry counselling, to cooperate with local enterprises to expand international markets. The detail measures as follows:

1. Expanding international markets

(1) Manage “BEST Smart Application Solutions Pilot Domain Project” to encourage domestic IT service providers to cooperate with leading companies in niche industries, and start to build professional and potential solutions for international markets development, and then set up solution demonstration sites, to improve marketing strength and expand international markets.

(2) Establish a cooperation mechanism with local organizations or industry alliances in the target markets, and regularly match both parties to facilitate collaboration.

(3) Assist Taiwan IT service providers in forming BEST integrated service sales promotion groups, complement and cooperate in alliance mode to expand the markets.

(4) Promote cooperation between domestic industries and overseas local organizations, assist Taiwan IT service providers in cooperating with industry consultants to form Taiwan digital sales promotion groups, and expand overseas markets with the position of “Taiwan Brand” as a professional IT consulting team.

2. Promote domestic cooperation and exchanges

(1) Organize matchmaking and technology exchange meetings for IT service providers to promote cooperation.

(2) Organize IT service counseling sessions in central and southern Taiwan and provide consulting services.

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