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Specialized niche fasteners assisting industry NICE transformation

  • Published at: 2017-11-13 15:36
  • Last modified at: 2017-11-14 14:09

The Industrial Development Bureau (MOEA) is using the Fasteners Industry NICE Upgrading and Transformation Guidance Plan to support the industry chain’s manufacturing end and peripheral equipment end, as well as to draw manufacturers' attention and create value for the industry.

The fasteners industry is a very important foreign exchange-earning industry for Taiwan. In 2016, the industry production value was NT$135.9 billion, and the export value alone was NT$126.5 billion. Taiwan is the third-largest export country globally in this category, and the export ratio is as high as 93%. In order to increase the industry’s international competitiveness, this plan has integrated a smart machinery policy. The objective is to guide the industry in developing specialized niche screw and nut products, develop smart production equipment, speed up the introduction of smart machinery in the industry, and drive the up-, mid-, and down- stream levels in integrating and implementing manufacturing improvements.

The Fasteners NICE Transformation and Upgrading Plan Implementation Status press conference was held on November 7th. Signatories such as Anchor Fasteners, CCM, NAFCO, and Fu Hui were invited to make statements at the conference. For example, with the assistance of the guidance organization MIRDC, Anchor Fasteners used smart equipment and IOT technology to produce a fast shipping system and differentiate themselves from their competitors. The performance of CCM’s optical sorting machines improved by 30%, and the company designed the first horizontal optical measuring instrument for metal fasteners in Taiwan. CCM has also applied for more than five new patents. NAFCO has developed high heat-resistant metal alloy fasteners based on aerospace engine needs, and it has also combined smart production to shorten the time needed for the production process. Fu Hui has used vehicle fasteners as carriers, and utilized a smart development system to shorten product development time by more than 50%. The system is also able to create a design record that can be passed down to new personnel.

According to the current situation, the total plan funding is NT$291 million. Of this, the government is investing about NT$140 million, while the vendors are raising about NT$151 million. The plan is expected to facilitate approximately NT$5 billion in investment within five years and increase sales by about NT$9 billion.

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