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The 71st Industry Day celebration was held at the Grand Hotel in Taipei at 1:30 pm on November 10 (Friday)

  • Published at: 2017-11-21 09:22
  • Last modified at: 2017-11-21 09:28

With the theme of "Smart Innovation, Creating New Opportunities", President Ing-wen Tsai and Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Simon Gong both personally spoke at the ceremony. To express Ministry of Economic Affairs' gratitude for the contribution made by long-established enterprises to the country and society, Deputy Minister Gong and Industry Development Bureau's Director General Lu awarded appreciation certificates and trophies to enterprises established over 50 years or 40 years ago. This year, the processing export zone's manufacturers were included on the list of nominations for the first time. More 398 enterprises are older than 40 years but less than 50 years this year, and a total of eight enterprises were older than 50 years,

Deputy Minister Gong stated, through this grand gathering of industrialists, government can convey gratitude to the award-winning enterprises for their contribution in business development and employment, establishing the benchmark for good businesses in society. The manufacturing industry is based on real human needs and can drive up the development of other industries in the area. The government is working hard to create a robust environment for industrial investment and innovation, and hopes to work with everyone to upgrade and transform industries in Taiwan together.

Director General Lu of the Industrial Development Bureau stated, this year, the Bureau's Facebook page holds a "Support the 11/11 Industry Day and Win a Made-in-Taiwan Functional Shirt". Everyone is welcome to upload their selfies and loudly speak for their favorite Taiwan-made products. Participants have the opportunity to win a made-in-Taiwan functional 5S sports shirt. In addition, precious photos throughout the industrial development were showcased during the festival, and the film "Pay Tribute to the Industrialists" was shown in the award ceremony. We hope that through these activities, young people will gradually understand and are willing and proud to join the manufacturing industry.

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