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We Can Financial Technology Co., Ltd. developed “one device does it all” POS system to help restaurants and small retailers upgrade and transform business operations

  • Published at: 2017-12-15 15:34
  • Last modified at: 2017-12-15 15:36

Starting from autumn 2017, visitors to Hualien County, Taiwan can enjoy a new kind of tourist experience. Anyone visiting the Dongdamen Night Market, one of Hualien’s best-known tourist attractions, will have noticed that many of the shops and restaurants have started using a new type of smart mobile device that handles electronic ticketing, e-wallet payments, credit card payments, etc. Consumers can complete their purchase transactions with just one click, and can shopping at the night market without having to carry any cash with them. A further advantage is that shop and restaurant owners at the night market won’t have to handle money, which is better from a public health point of view, as the risks to food safety are substantially reduced.

Because there are now so many different types of mobile payment applications that consumers can use, small businesses often have to install a range of different POS system devices. To reduce the problems of needing to install multiple POS devices and to contribute to the growth of new business opportunities in the tourism sector, We Can Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (with support from Hualien County Government) has introduced a new “one device does it all” system that supports multiple different payment services. The new system is installed in more than 200 shops, restaurants and street stalls in Hualien City’s shopping districts (including the “Golden Triangle” shopping area and the businesses belonging to the “Friendly City Association”) and in Hualien’s Dongdamen Night Market. By using the new WECANPAY POS device, business owners no longer need to install multiple different POS devices; WECANPAY can handle eight different forms of payment services falling within four categories – electronic ticketing, cross-border payments, e-wallet payments and credit card payments – through linkages with banks, third-party payment service providers and e-wallet service providers. This means that tourists visiting Hualien can now enjoy convenient, secure “multiple payment services.” Service field testing has verified that the WECANPAY POS device is more efficient and more convenient to use, and supports a wider range of payment services than any other payment device of its kind that is currently in use in the Taiwan mobile payments market.

The Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Team for Emerging Industries, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has been working actively to promote the development of emerging industries in Taiwan. The Team provides guidance to information and communications technology (ICT) firms to help them achieve breakthroughs in key technologies tailored to the needs of specific applications, as well as providing support for the formulation of promotional strategies to develop practical business contacts and field-testing experience. In this way, the Team continues to work together with Taiwan’s millions of small business owners to help them flourish.

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