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Promoting IT service industry cooperation between Taiwan and Japan to expand the intelligent manufacturing market

  • Published at: 2017-12-28 15:00
  • Last modified at: 2017-12-28 15:09

Intelligent manufacturing has become the main industrial policy of various countries in order to cope with industrial development issues such as product life cycle shortening, customized production and labor shortages. To assist Taiwan’s IT service industry in striving for this huge business opportunity,the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) has actively promoted exchanges and cooperation between the industries of Taiwan and Japan in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and facilitated the cooperation between Taiwan ISCOM Co., Ltd. and Japan CEC Co., Ltd. to develop intelligent manufacturing solutions.

CEC is a large IT service provider in the field of intelligent manufacturing in Japan. Its main customers are mostly world-renowned manufacturers, including Nissan, Toyota, Honda, etc. In view of the fact that ISCOM is developing intelligent manufacturing solutions,the IDB helped the company to sign a memorandum of technical cooperation with CEC last year to improve its technology gap.

At present, ISCOM has imported the process visualization solution -Visual Factory of CEC-, and translated it into a solution suitable for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. The two sides completed the contract in December of this year. ISCOM’s general manager said that the company can cooperate with CEC to acquire Japanese experience and methods of intelligent factory management,effectively enhancing the professional service ability of the company in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

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