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MOEA’s Industrial Development Bureau Awards 52 Creative Life Industries as Success Stories for Experiential Economy

  • Published at: 2018-01-05 10:19
  • Last modified at: 2018-01-05 10:28

Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) has been promoting the development of Creative Life industries for years. In 2017, IDB selected 12 industries based on on-site evaluations of their core knowledge, aesthetic tastes, in-depth experience offerings, and operational management. The selected industries, along with the 40 industries that passed the review for contractual renewals, were gathered together to showcase their most recent success. A total of 52 industries (12 40) attended the 2017 award ceremony for outstanding firms in the Creative Life industries on December 26 at Theater Caf? in National Theater’s B1 level. IDB’s Director General, Jang-Hwa Leu, awarded the certificates of merit at the ceremony. The purpose of this event was to present to the public the best of Taiwan’s Creative Life industries have to offer as model cases for Taiwan’s industry in general.

The selected companies from Creative Life industries this year can be categorized into two types:

(1) Creativity culture businesses founded by manufacturers via incorporating core industry knowledge into business settings and operations. Examples are Taiwan Miso Cultural Museum, Taiwan You Good School of Cookie, Sha Yang Ye Robot WONDERLAND, TJCOS Tourism Factory, Eye Fun Vision Tourism Factory, and CHIMEI Happiness Factory;

(2) Creativity culture businesses with a thematic approach to d?cor, products, and services. Examples are Aromajoint, Forestmosa, The National Center for Traditional Arts-Yilan Park, ALISHAN HOUSE, SELF, and Theater Cafe.

IDB has been promoting the development of Creative Life industries since 2003. There are currently a total of 166 such industries in Taiwan. Creative Life industries are a snapshot of the rich cultural elements and innovative vigor in Taiwan, as well as a benchmark for new business models.

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