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The Approach of the Offshore Wind Energy Screening Mechanism: The Industry Association Execution Plan

  • Published at: 2018-01-18 16:00
  • Last modified at: 2018-01-18 16:04

In coordination with the government’s energy policy and to increase the energy self-sufficiency rate, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) plans to boost the total power supply from renewable energy to 20% of the country’s total power generation by 2025. Policy priority is given to offshore wind energy, which possesses high developmental potential. Domestic demand will be utilized to drive the upgrade and transformation of the industries, creating employment opportunities and increasing industrial values, thus achieving a win-win situation for both the energy policy and industrial development.

In order to guide the industry to develop offshore wind energy technologies and encourage industrial participants to enter the international offshore wind supply chain, thereby raising the domestic manufacturing capacity of the emerging offshore wind energy industry and its value-added rate, while shaping Taiwan’s offshore wind energy industry clusters, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been promoting the Offshore Wind Energy Industry Policy to help industrial participants obtain key know-how in the value chain through high-value R&D, or innovate new value-added services to create a Taiwanese offshore wind energy supply chain, eventually connecting with the international supply chain.

The goal of the Offshore Wind Energy Industry Policy is to drive the development of the offshore wind energy industry, construct the supply chain, and take on the Asia-pacific market. The promotional strategy involves: (1) Creating the infrastructure and environment for industrial development: Promote offshore wind energy industrial park and business investments to form offshore wind industry clusters; (2) Promoting the establishment of an industrial supply system: Create market incentives to attract international wind power equipment manufacturers to set up facilities in Taiwan, and facilitate the cooperation between domestic and foreign businesses in the areas of wind turbines, foundations, marine engineering, vessel building, etc. to form an industrial supply chain.

Currently, Taiwan’s offshore wind industry has established the Wind Team (with 27 partners) and the Marine Team (with 35 partners) under the separate guidance of the China Steel Corporation (CSC) and the China Ship Building Corporation (CSBS), respectively. The annual production value of the offshore wind industry and marine engineering industry is expected to reach NT$121.8 billion in 2025.

In addition, the Industrial Development Bureau is promoting the Industry Relevant Execution Plan, aiming to match the desirable investment intentions of domestic industrial participants with the desirable cooperation of foreign companies. Following 76 sessions of feasibility evaluation discussions and meetings, the Industry Relevant Execution Plan is divided into pre-stage, phase 1 and phase 2 according to the offshore wind farm grid connection schedule. The accumulated investment in the offshore wind power, marine engineering and vessel manufacturing industries is expected to reach NT$33.2 billion in 2025.

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