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Government Project Assists in Developing Ceramic Material for Passive Components

  • Published at: 2018-01-25 17:06
  • Last modified at: 2018-01-25 17:12

Taiwan is world’s leading manufacturing base of MLCC (multi-layer ceramic capacitor), where the main players include YAGEO Co.(國巨), Walsin Technology Co.(華新科), Darfon Co.(達方), and HolyStone Co. (禾伸堂). Recently, the industry underwent transformation to meet the increased demand for ceramic capacitors used in lighting, industrial applications, and automotive electronics fields.

Capacitors are available in many different forms, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and tantalum capacitors, wherein the capacitance value of ceramic capacitors is correlated to electrode surface area and number of layers. Due to the progress in ceramic layer stacking, ceramic capacitor has become main stream and now the key component in electronic products, especially MLCC.

Industrial Development Bureau(IDB) at the Ministry of Economic Affairs encourages and assists Taiwan’s flagship businesses to develop key technologies/products and build up system-wide problem-solving abilities. Via the Industrial Upgrading and Innovation Platform, IDB helped HolyStone to develop high-value inorganic capacitor material for LED lighting application used in switch mode power supply and linear voltage regulator for high-efficiency LED. The ceramic material for high voltage capacitors traditionally has relied on imports; therefore, this project aims to fill the gap and complete the supply chain, which also helps HolyStone to become the leader of intermediate capacity voltage/high capacity voltage ceramic capacitors.

Vice president of HolyStone Hui-Ban Yeh said,“In the past, development of high-end product was restricted by advanced material supply. With the support of IDB, this project integrates government, industry, and academic capabilities to develop MLCC with 100 rated voltage DC bias tolerance. The specifications of the product are able to compete with the best Japanese companies, and some even better. This enables Taiwan’s adaptor module manufacturers to access high-end LED supply chain.”

The trend of operating voltage is becoming higher, and the environmental reliability is increasingly strict due to the flourishing of energy industry, especially in energy conversion of renewable energy and green lighting. MLCC has better durability and is easy to smooth and de-noise signal. The technical breakthrough enhances MLCC’s tolerance to high voltage, which also makes MLCC more competitive in power switch application of smoothing capacitor.

The requirement of renewable energy and railway industries drives the demand for high voltage ceramic capacitor. These two blue oceans will become the main targets for MLCC industry. With IDB’s subsidy project, HolyStone not only upgraded its high rated voltage ceramic capacitor capacity, but also expanded its niche market and revenue. Overall, this government subsidy project met the goal to upgrade and transform Taiwan’s industry.

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