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Aiming to Advance Information Security Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs Is Well Prepared in Every AAspect

  • Published at: 2018-03-09 11:22
  • Last modified at: 2018-03-09 11:26

Lately, there have been many information security breaches in the world, and new hacking techniques continue to appear. Attackers successfully infiltrated corporate network through loopholes, causing great damage to government, enterprises, and general public. Taiwan has also faced these new types of security attacks in recent years.

The information security industry in Taiwan has long been dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, so that most of the financial, high-tech and large-scale institutions prefer imported foreign brandname security products. In addition, the lack of actual testing, attacking, and defending fields, as well as information security standard causes our security products to be less competitive and even seem rudimentary in foreign markets. Furthermore, as professional talents recognize that this industry does not hold a promising future, few people take part in.

Since the theme ‘’information security equates national security’’, has become one of governmental policies. Executive Yuan’s Department of Cyber Security has also promulgated the National Information Security Program (2017 to 2020). The Ministry of Economic Affairs integrates each department, drawing up a plan including aspects such as talent cultivation, information security standard, actual information security testing, and competitions in international market.

Information security protection has become essential to Taiwan's economic basis, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will participate in developing the industry. Apart from helping enterprises and developing information security products and services, the Ministry of Economic Affairs seeks to perfect the environment and bring actual growth to information security industry in this country.

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