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A Better Tomorrow - New Prospects for Green Factories

  • Published at: 2018-04-03 17:31
  • Last modified at: 2018-04-03 17:34

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is combining the two elements of the "Green Building Label" and the "Cleaner Production Certificate Assessment" to establish the "Green Factory Labeling System". The system examines the seven facets of a factory, i.e. "energy and resource conservation", "green processes", “pollutant generation and end-of-pipe treatment", "environmentally friendly design", "green management", "social responsibility", and "green innovative/creativity" and gives each applying factory advice on further improvement in green management, corporate image, and business opportunities.

Since 2012, The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has issued 55 green factory labels and 96 certificates of cleaner production. Companies/factories including TSMC, Everlight Chemicals, Nan Ya Plastics, etc. have received the honor of the green factory designation. The substantial benefits include 997 million kWh of electricity savings and more than NT$5.75 billion in cost savings.

TSMC, Taiwan’s representative enterprise, was the first company to obtain the green factory label. TSMC exerts its influence in various ways and drives suppliers to work together in order to form a positive loop that leads society/industry to promote green development.

The Formosa Plastics Group, a Taiwan-based index company, has been supporting its Nan Ya Plastic Copper Foil Base Plate factory’s efforts to implement a number of energy-saving and waste-reducing programs in response to the government's circular economy policies. The Formosa Plastics Group has developed a series of methods to recycle waste fiberglass cloth, acetone, etc., taking the lead in the green factory labeling system.

Other excellent manufacturers, such as UMC of the semiconductor and IC manufacturing industry, AUO and Innolux of the flat panel display industry, Moonlight and KYEC of the packaging and testing industry, and Changxing Materials of the chemical manufacturing industry, are also actively developing eco-friendly products and continuing to promote industrial green escalation, creating a new green miracle for Taiwan's industry.

The Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to encourage the Green Factory Labelling System in the hope of enhancing the overall green competitiveness of enterprises in Taiwan.

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