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International Venture Capital and Cybersecurity Experts Meet to Promote Development and Growth of Taiwanese Cybersecurity Start-ups

  • Published at: 2019-05-29 14:17
  • Last modified at: 2019-05-29 14:19

To assist Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry in increasing international cooperation and connections, the Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs organized the 2019 Explore Next Cyber Taiwan during May 20~21, 2019 and invited ventures and international cybersecurity accelerators, including Rainmaking, Starfab Accelerator, Taiwan Accelerator (TA), NCTU Industrial Accelerator, and CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator, to share opinions with Taiwanese cybersecurity businesses and start-ups. The topics cover the current cybersecurity market and opportunity in Europe, a case study on a cybersecurity unicorn start-up, and opportunities created by Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain opportunity. The event expects to match the information and communications technology (ICT) industry with international ventures for funding and technical exchange, hoping to improve the competitiveness of Taiwan’s cybersecurity businesses and start-ups.

Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry is now prospering. Start-ups can take advantage of the foundation of Taiwan’s ICT industry and invest in cybersecurity technical R&Ds, such as unmanned vehicle, enterprise cloud security management, FinTech, and AI services. Based on the established semiconductor technology and ICT, start-ups can provide hardware development, testing, manufacturing and software required by IoT businesses in their cybersecurity applications.

In the future, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will take advantage of the resources and strengths of Taiwan’s small and medium accelerators to forge a strategic alliance between the local cybersecurity industry and international accelerators. This platform is expected to help raise international funds and engage connections around the world to advance Taiwan’s cybersecurity businesses toward the international market.

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