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Accompany Taiwan Brands to grow- Real Cases from Branding Taiwan Campaign II Project

  • Published at: 2019-05-31 17:45
  • Last modified at: 2023-03-28 17:28

To help Taiwanese businesses increase value to their brands, the Industrial Development Bureau at MOEA, starting in 2013, actively carries out Branding Taiwan Campaign II Project. In six years, the project has counseled nearly 500 companies from 150 industries that have generated $94.8 billion in revenues and opened 12,490 locations for business around the globe.

To help people appreciate the diverse experience in Taiwanese businesses brand development, the Industrial Development Bureau has established a platform for cases that it has counseled. On this platform, we publish examples of the business brand transformation in the hope that they may help other Taiwanese firms along their paths to improve their brands. For example, China Surgical Dressings Center Co., Ltd (CSD) has marketed its "My Color My Style" color masks that have been the best seller on e-commerce platforms. The company has engaged celebrity help to further advance its international sales. The revered consumer electronics retailer Sunfar changed its theme from "donate 20% of net profit for public good” to "⅕ the blessing" and applied the new theme to every location where consumers may access the company. This exposure has helped create a more unique brand image and experience for the company and breathe new life into company growth. Yongda Food Technology Co. Ltd., the largest lemonade manufacturer in Taiwan, on the strength of its brand theme "honest farmers", has successfully branched into the B2C market. Its convenient drink packs--lemonade ice cubes--have led to another wave of hot demand from consumers.

Other well-known Taiwanese firms are also good examples of companies in constantly pursuing better international competitiveness of their brands, such as engineering services bellwether CTCI, computer memory heavyweight ADATA Technology, and Dingzing, the constant technology innovator in advanced materials. Visit https://www.branding-taiwan.tw/, the official website of phase II of Branding Taiwan, for resources, introduction to collaborating brands, and news and events about those brands.

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