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The Ministry of Economic Affairs Promotes Innovative Talent Development Program and Matched 600 Interdisciplinary Digital Talents

  • Published at: 2019-06-06 09:49
  • Last modified at: 2019-06-06 09:56

On May 23rd, Ministry of Economic Affairs’ (MOEA) Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) held the “DIGI+Talent Accelerator & Jumpstart Program” recruitment session in Taipei. The recruitment attracted nearly 1,000 students from 84 universities, ranging from 3rd-year undergraduates to postgraduates. IDB Secretary General Chen Pei-li, Deputy Director General Lee-Hwa Leu of Institute for Information Industry(III), and representatives from research institutes or companies were invited to the event and students were encouraged to show their talents and unleash potentials.

IDB Secretary General Chen Pei-li stated that the program has had fruitful outcomes for the past 2 years. Through the 6-month training, companies can discover potential talents and recruit them right after graduation. When both ICT and non-ICT students work as a team, they would spark dynamic ideas and creativity, providing company innovative thinking for digital transformation. Meanwhile, non-ICT students, who major in humanities and art & design etc., gain the abilities to apply digital tools in their future career and thus enhance their competitiveness and value.

Following by the changes in digital economy, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data have become the future trends in industry development. A digital transformation wave has swept across the industries. In order to deploy digitalization, automation and AI, enterprises are seeking for interdisciplinary talents who can master both technical skills and soft skills. How to equip employees with cross-domain capabilities has become a hot topic. In the light of cultivating future talent, IDB has been promoting “the DIGI+ Talent Accelerator & Jumpstart Program” (DIGI+ Talent). The program cooperated with industry, academia, and research institutes, adopted the blended online and offline learning model, promoted practice projects, and developed open and innovative model for digital talent training. The program focuses on fields of digital economy, including: e-commerce, smart content, data science and big data analysis, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. It won ATD Innovation in Talent Development in 2018 for being innovative in talent development and has a positive impact around the globe. For the past 2 years, there were 18 research institutes joining the program, and 698 students completed training. The program has few breakthroughs in 2019, including increasing the number of trainees up to 600 students, and open to companies and social enterprises in applying as training institute, accumulating 32 in total (13 research institutes and 19 companies and social enterprises).

The program developed an innovative resume analysis technology, which contained AI text mining and big data technology to analyze both students’ resume and job descriptions to enhance talent matching efficiency and accuracy, enable students and companies to find the perfect match.

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