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Microsoft DevDays Asia 2019: Leveraging Cross-Disciplinary Skills for Next-Gen AI Talents in Taiwan

  • Published at: 2019-06-06 09:56
  • Last modified at: 2019-06-06 09:59

Microsoft DevDays Asia 2019, directed by Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs, is set to kick off from May 21 to 23 at Academia Sinica. During the three-day event, experts from Microsoft in the United States will bring original content from the Seattle Microsoft Build conference. Each year, DevDays Asia serves as the pivot to bring in advanced technologies and latest industry trends from around the world and fulfill its mission to help Taiwan businesses to complete digital transformation.

DevDays Asia 2019 is based on 6 themes, namely Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Office 365 Development and Industry Solutions, Productivity, Security, and Technology Development. In addition to the exciting topical speeches, attendees will experience live demonstrations, which would infuse them with new mindsets and dynamics through over 50 hands-on workshops.

Aligning with Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs’ policies and projects, Microsoft Taiwan is committed to the ‘AI 100’ project, which aims to support local partners and clients in developing customized AI solutions by offering technical resources and expert teams to cultivate the next generation of AI talents. Industrial Development Bureau fully support the project and hoping that Microsoft will collaborate to build an AI talent hub in Taiwan for Asia-Pacific to facilitate transformation, attract international businesses, and create more opportunities.

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