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Games being categorized and rated lets children have fun without worries

  • Published at: 2019-08-29 17:49
  • Last modified at: 2020-04-08 14:27

Due to the recent expansion of the number of chess, card and intelligence-helping computer games, the IDB, in order to prevent children from coming into contact with games featuring age-inappropriate content, has implemented the Game Software Rating Management Regulations to categorize games by their actual content into categories such as “chess game software” and “card game and intelligence-helping entertainment game software.” Games with gambling content will be rated Parental Guidance 15 (PG15). These regulations are aimed at promoting healthy gaming to children and let teachers and parents more easily recognize suitable games for children. The regulations shall be effective starting from August 23rd.

Statistics show that the volume of puzzle game software has been increasing annually. This year, 40% of the games made in Taiwan are puzzle games, and gambling and casino-simulation games are prevalent among these games. However, games with gambling or casino content, although only for entertainment purposes, are considered improper for mentally immature children to play. Moreover, for the healthy development for the digital industry environment, it is necessary for the implementation of this regulation to focus on game content to rate and categorize games for different ages. Game software is categorized into different groups by appropriateness, so that games will be rated with further details. The IDB has listened opinions from children’s groups, scholars, professionals and the game industry throughout the discussion process. Numerous meetings have been held to ensure that a mutual understanding could be reached for the revision of the Game Software Rating Management Regulations.

After the regulations have been implemented, the IDB will promote them with advertising events and explanation seminars. The public and the gaming industry will be advised regarding the importance of introducing the regulations for games for appropriate age groups. The industry is advised to follow the related regulations. In the future, the gaming industry situation will be constantly monitored, and the related regulations will be reviewed, promoted and revised. The IDB has also established the Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating Information website. Before introducing games to the market, the industry should comply with the regulations and register the rating and content of games. Teachers, parents, children and players are welcome to inquire on the website and select age-appropriate games to enjoy with ease and confidence.

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