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To propel industry forward through design, the TDC is preparing for its transformation into the Design Research Institute in April of 2020

  • Published at: 2019-10-07 09:17
  • Last modified at: 2020-04-08 14:23

Gaining a competitive edge in the current marketplace is no longer just about efficiency. Instead, the most innovative companies are the ones that get ahead. Compared to the early stages of industry -focused on keeping costs low - companies today are focused on achieving customer satisfaction and retention. The design profession started with simple product design; now, however, it has evolved into a cross-disciplinary profession, spanning enterprises, governments, and society.

In order to further expand design applications and comprehensively develop innovation in Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is in the process of transforming the Taiwan Design Center into the Design Research Institute. Going forward, this institution will use soft power to help strengthen Taiwanese industry. At the same time, the newly established institute will work with the government to draft national design policy and revitalize public service sectors through the power of design, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of their service.

Taiwan is overflowing with innovation, especially among the new generation of designers, where breakthrough ideas most often take root. At this year's (2019) Young Pin Award alone, several design ideas made a splash that rippled through the media. For example, Float, a reusable bubble teacup designed by a student from Shih Chien University, made international news. The Two-Use Plastic Bag - designed by a student at the National Taiwan University of Arts - is a plastic bag that can be used first for groceries and then as a city-recognized garbage bag. After drawing the attention of the media, Spring Pool Glass and the New Taipei City Environmental Protection Department also took notice - these bags are already available for use at select places in New Taipei City.

Moving forward, the Design Research Institute will give a platform and opportunities to these budding new designers. Through the power of design, the Design Research Institute hopes to create a new path for national industry and innovation - making Taiwan a center of innovation.

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