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2019 Best Taiwanese Global Brands Revealed Brands in Health, Technology See Strong Growth

  • Published at: 2019-10-30 14:42
  • Last modified at: 2020-04-08 14:03
2019 Taiwan International Brand Value Revealed on October 24th

Taiwan’s Best Global Brands, an annual ranking of local brands by Interbrand as commissioned by Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), announced the 2019 winners today.

Despite the U.S.-China and Japan-Korea trade wars, the top 20 Taiwan’s Global Brands in 2019 bucked the trend and grew by 0.7% on average. Brands in the areas of health and technology delivered stellar performance in the brand value survey this year. For example, business of Giant Manufacturing and Merida Industry took off with significant growth, thanks to growing customer base for electric bicycles. Driven by AI and 5G trends, the values of leading high-tech brands like Advantech, Delta Electronics, and MediaTek also continued to increase.

Facing a rapidly changing market environment, companies need to explore all possibilities for brand development, and it will be very important for them to incorporate latest technologies into their own industries and optimize transformation through insights from markets and customers. For example, Advantech has adopted a “co-creation” model approach, which it uses with different ecosystem partners to tap into smart city opportunities with IoT technology and expand IoT applications to retail, logistics, healthcare, and other areas. Well aware of the 5G trend, MediaTek takes advantage of its role as an IC design house to change Taiwan’s image as only OEM operators by partnering with Microsoft and other foreign clients on the development and positioning of related applications.

Interbrand has identified four pivotal trends for local brands to achieve product differentiation and upgrade:

The foremost are market insight and agility. Facing a generation of consumers who always expect rapid changes, brands have to keep monitoring the market and tweak their strategies accordingly in real time.

Brands also need to make bold estimates and create demand. Besides existing market demand, brands have to make audacious predictions on consumers’ expectations and act proactively to create new demand.

Coming next is the ability to provide two-way experience and maintain customer base. Brands should act proactively to understand the characteristics, needs and expectations of consumers in different segments, so they can customize experiences for different groups of customers.

Finally, brands must have the courage to disrupt status quo and achieve the extraordinary. Brands can never stop, as they have to keep exploring new territories and opening up new frontiers, so they can withstand ups and downs in the market and continue to improve brand values.

Interbrand suggested that Taiwan brands should take advantage of the advent of a new era, and act proactively to find their core strengths through business upgrade and transformation. The courage to open up new frontiers will help building brands of global elite caliber, added the consultancy.

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