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Providing Assistance to the Bicycle Industry on Its Upgrade Path & Creating Premium Products That Are Safe, Comfortable, Durable, Beautiful and Cost-Effective

  • Published at: 2020-05-05 09:34
  • Last modified at: 2020-05-05 15:40
E-Road bike

Taiwan has long taken pride in its bicycle industry, which features world-renowned bicycle brands as well as a plethora of leading suppliers of parts and components. Thanks to high-tech innovations as well as world-leading R&D and manufacturing technology, bicycle products from Taiwan are not only safe, comfortable, durable, beautiful and cost-effective, they are also capable of leveraging information and communication technology capacity to take the lead in the march toward the 'smart biking' generation. Furthermore, they can also be expanded to add to various experiences in life.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, more and more people are choosing bicycles as their means of transport in areas where mass transit is more crowded. Biking is a method of transport with a relatively low risk of infection. In addition to providing mobility, it also allows us to work out.

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB) has been actively providing assistance to the bicycle industry in terms of upgrade and transformation. Product categories the IDB is helping vendors to develop include: (1) Safety products such as the hydraulic disk-brake monitoring system, helmets with turn indicators, backpacks with turn warning capabilities, and the application of compatible electromagnetic technology to enhance product performance; (2) products that increase comfort while riding, such as Trekking Bikes and electric folding bikes that take advantage of the bicycle`s dynamic stability analysis technology to create leisurely experiences and vibes; (3) dependable and durable products, such as dual-LED headlights and wireless taillights that comply with EMC and K Mark regulations to keep riders safe and accompany when they go biking at night; (4) products that are also aesthetically pleasing, such as women`s e-bikes and the e-Road bike, which allow the elderly to commute and exercise at will; (5) economical and cost-effective products such as bike trainers, power meter pedals, and e-spinner bikes. With these products, people not only can work out and stretch out while they stay at home during the pandemic, they can also take good care of their mental well-being.

Going forward, the IDB will continue to drive technological advancement for industrial supply chains. Vendors interested in receiving assistance from the IDB can contact Mr. Tong Jian-qiang, Chief of the Metal & Mechanical Industries Division, at 02-27541255 ext. 2131.

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