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The graduation and awards ceremony of Thailand-Taiwan AI College (TTAIC) assembled Taiwan's digital experts and showed that "Taiwan Can Help!"

  • Published at: 2020-05-15 11:06
  • Last modified at: 2020-06-29 14:52
Director General Jang-hwa Leu delivering a speech

After three months of live online learning, the TTAIC (Thailand-Taiwan AI College) of the IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) held an online graduation and awards ceremony on the 7th of May. Executive Yuan Digital Minister Audrey Tang, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand Representative Chen-yuan Tung, the Director General Jang-hwa Leu of the IDB, and the General Manager Matrix Chang of Advantech were all invited to give their regards.

The topics published by the students at the graduation were very diverse, and included industrial failure prediction, human resource management, virus prevention, and indigenous language education. In addition, in order to let students better understand how AI applications can help the world, Professor Jung-hsien Chiang from the National Cheng Kung University was also invited to share his achievements in the COVID-19 Global Hackathon.

Unlike many schools of the world that have been suspended due to the global outbreak, the TTAIC was founded this March by the AI New Generation Talent Training Program (AIGO) of the IDB with the support of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency of Thailand. The TTAIC has provided a platform for online live AI courses and assisted the entrepreneurs and senior executives in the digital transformation of AI. The first TTAIC enrollment reached 728 applicants from Taiwan and Thailand, and an average of about 150 students participated at the same time during the live courses. During the final lesson, the students were sharing their learning experiences and how they solved the digital transformation issues faced in their industries by using the skills learned at the TTAIC.

Director General Leu said in his speech that many international activities had been suspended as a result of the global outbreak, but learning should never stop. However, AIGO opened another way to bring Taiwan's AI technology abroad, also assisting students and enterprises to find AI solutions to achieve digital transformation with foundational knowledge. This has made Taiwan's assistance in global epidemic prevention known, not only for providing masks and protective clothing but also in terms of the economy and AI technology, showing that 'Taiwan Can Help!' The live broadcast platform constructed by AIGO and Advantech has allowed students to experience a variety of interactive courses, covering medicine, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, finance, and other diverse industries to allow students recognize the wide range of AI applications. Through online Q&A between teachers and students, the courses are no longer just lecturing but are interactive. Coupled with the facilitator, it has made the learning more lively, like a concert.

The new southbound tasks of AIGO in 2020 include providing professional courses, producing international AI learning materials, assisting students with foundational knowledge, finding AI solutions for enterprises, and boosting digital transformation. In the future, the establishment of the TTAIC and the innovative teaching model will also be promoted to other countries.

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