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With Support of Smart Machinery World-Class Sports Shoe Material Championship Established

  • Published at: 2020-05-29 17:00
  • Last modified at: 2020-05-29 17:00
World-Class Sports Shoe Material Championship Established

On behalf of the 'Pilot Project-Smart Machinery Employed Plastic&Rubber Industry' promoted and supported by the IDB (Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs), a 'One-stop Continuous Smart Production Line for Soles specialized in Sport Profession', the first in the world and 100% MIT (made in Taiwan), has been successfully developed with the collaboration of Maultiplas Enginery Co., Ltd., with its years of experience in injection molding machine design and production, and Shun Chan Industry Co., Ltd., with its capacity and expertise in manufacturing sports shoe soles rated at the Olympic 100M Gold Medal level.

Both batch quantity and diversity are so resilient that bottlenecks in Smart Manufacturing have been resolved, and labor-intensiveness has been released. Global competiveness has been optimized as a result.

The above-mentioned project is composed of flexible production solutions for SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die). MIT equipment and facilities, including injection molding machines made by Maultiplas Enginery Co., Ltd., as well as robot arms and automated die change systems made by Techman Robot Inc. and Hiwin Corporation, have been integrated in the collaboration.

Via the above-mentioned project, Shun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. has established and developed key technologies for shoe material production, achieved a one-stop continuous production process, increased productivity and efficiency, gained a market price advantage resulting from cost down, and is ranked highly by world-renowned sport shoe companies. Order-taking by the Shun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. grew significantly by more than 30% last year. By allowing the abilities and capacities of Taiwan's enterprises to be seen globally, Shun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. and Maultiplas Enginery Co., Ltd. together serve as a model of Smart Machinery Promotion. Both have become even more competitive in their respective professions and expanded their market patterns.

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