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Launch of New Book Strengthening the Asia Pacific Industrial Collaboration Platform

  • Published at: 2020-12-01 18:54
  • Last modified at: 2020-12-07 16:26
Launch of New Book Strengthening the Asia Pacific Industrial Collaboration Platform

Industry Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs and Chinese Federation of Industries jointly organized the "2020 Asia-Pacific Industrial Chain Achievements and New Southward Growth-Series 4: Building a New Southward Resilient Supply Chain after the Pandemic" at the Taipei International Convention Center on November 26th. The presentation conference was attended by Industrial Development Bureau's Director and Chinese Federation of Industries' Vice Chairman Lin, and 7 major companies were invited to share their Southbound success stories. Nearly 400 industry, government, academic, and research representatives participated with great enthusiasm.

In his speech, Industrial Development Bureau's Director Lu stated that under the US-China trade dispute and the pandemic, it has become a trend to accelerate the reorganization and transfer of global supply chains. "Taiwan's Three Plans" and the continuous promotion of the "New Southbound Policy" will allow high-end goods production to move back to Taiwan, and low-end products will be produced in new Southbound countries.

The series "New Growth from Heart of the Southbound", published by the Industrial Development Bureau, launched the fourth book "Building a New Southward Resilience Supply Chain after the Pandemic" this year. In addition to stories from the 7 industry players shared today, the book also contains 20 successful cases of Taiwanese businessmen introducing innovative technologies for pandemic prevention and the new normal model to southbound countries, providing very valuable reference for enterprises with new southbound strategies under post-pandemic new normal.

Facing the US-China trade dispute and the pandemic, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to work with Chinese Federation of Industries' Asia-Pacific Industrial Cooperation Promotion Committee to promote industrial cooperation in key new southbound countries, strengthen the industrial supply chain's resilience, and lead the industry in discovering the post-pandemic new business opportunities. W of the pandemic e will continue to create partnerships with new southbound countries, making Taiwan a reliable international supply chain partner!

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