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Taiwan & Japan's Digital Technology Partnership Envisions Limitless Business Application Potentials

  • Published at: 2021-10-28 09:39
  • Last modified at: 2021-10-28 10:43
TJ Connect Fair 2021 Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Bridging Forum
TJ Connect Fair 2021 Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Bridging Forum

The 3rd"TJ Connect Fair""has debutedkicked off in Huashan Creative Park and kicked off with the""Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Bridging Forum"followed by the MOU signing ceremony by thebetween Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office(TJPO)with and Kobe City,in Hyogo Prefecture,of Japan.

The Industrial Cooperation Memorandum was signed by CEO Cheng-Chin Lu of TJPO and Director Hideki Nishio of Kobe City under witness by Bureau Director-General Jang-Hwa Leu and 2 two Kobe City Council Members.Through this Memorandum,Kobe City has becomeis now the 9th Japanese local government to enter into a partnership with the TJPO.

Under the guidance of the Industrial Development Bureau,MOEA;the TJPO executive teams have since 2019 organized a series of events for the"TJ Connect Fair",such asincluding lectures,exhibitions,discussion forums,and Japanese cultural experiences since 2019. These efforts events have attracted over a dozen of Japanese prefectures counties and cities to participate,and the lively exchanges between the companiesenterprises and residents of Taiwan and Japan have created numerous new business opportunities for both Taiwan and Japan through this grand event.

All previous "TJ Connect Fairs" have promotedwere themeds tothat correspond to technology trends and government policies. This year's event focuses on digital technology and smart display. In addition to introducing Taiwan's smart display technology and Taiwan-Japan cooperation opportunities, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association also invited Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO)to record a video to share onthe future development direction of Japan's semiconductor industry towards a digital society. The chief deputy representative of the Taipei Office,Mr.Mitsuaki HOSHINO, personally attended to cheer show support for the event.

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