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IDB initiated a decarbonization program for textile and apparel industries to accelerate the low-carbon transformation of domestic enterprises

  • Published at: 2023-05-22 10:41
  • Last modified at: 2023-05-22 10:56
The Industry Bureau creates a carbon reduction plan for the textile industry to accelerate the low-carbon transformation of domestic enterprises

In response to the 2030 Global Apparel Supply Chain Carbon Emission Reduction Initiative proposed by the Textile Exchange (TE), the global renowned sports and outdoor leisure apparel brands Adidas and Nike have requested 30% of sector emission reduction in their supply chains management. Strengthening carbon emission reduction is an issue of vital importance for the textile and apparel industry. Having accelerated the low-carbon transformation of textile and apparel industry, the Industry Development Bureau (IDB) launches the activities of reducing carbon emissions programs and promotes the net zero emission in the textile and apparel industry, helps the industry to build up the awareness and take carbon reduction actions. The IDB constantly evaluates and analyzes the carbon emissions of factories in compliance of the global trend and goal. In addition, In the application of the practical technology, the enterprises also build up a stronger sense of taking necessary actions to reduce carbon emission.

In 2022, the list of manufacturers was recommended by 6 associations, Taiwan Man-Made Fiber Industries Association, Taiwan Textile Printing Dyeing & Finishing Industry Association, Taiwan Regional Association of Filament Fabrics Printing Dyeing & Finishing Industries, Taiwan Weaving Industry Association, Taiwan Knitting Industry Association and Taiwan Non-woven Fabrics Industry Association. Together with the Taiwan Textile Research Institute, the plant site visits, consultations, preliminary carbon emission assessments in the manufacturing process were conducted to 123 Manufacturers . Meanwhiles, the assessments of carbon emission were conducted from 7 upstream manufacturers, 14 midstream manufacturers and 15 downstream manufacturers (such as spinning, processing silk, weaving, dyeing, and non-woven fabrics).

In order to accelerate the low-carbon transformation of domestic enterprises, related to the practices of large scale domestic and foreign apparel enterprises such as Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation, Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation, Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Kuraray, INDORAMA VENTURES, etc., IDB has summarized 5 carbon reduction solutions: "raw material substitution" "process optimization," "equipment optimization," "energy optimization" and "design optimization" and has completed the analysis of carbon reduction pathways as references for the domestic textile and apparel industry. In addition, having expanded the program effect, IDB assisted Evertex in hosting the technology dissemination events of energy-saving and carbon reduction achievements on November 15, 2022, sharing the carbon reduction strategy and the implementation measures of the low carbon process. The plant visits included the operations of low bath ratio dyeing machine, natural gas boiler and solar panel setting. 23 manufacturers with 49 participants attended the events and warm responses were received.

In 2023, IDB will constantly promote "reducing carbon emission, targeting net zero" in the textile and apparel industry in continuation of the low carbon transformation program and the use of financial tools and counseling resources in textile and parallel. industries. In compliance with the strategy of large enterprises leading small ones, a low-carbon apparel alliance is well connecting and networking. Customized decarbonization programs were conducted by plant site visits, consultations and case study. The IDB will seamlessly cooperate with the associations to increase the number of participating enterprises and to promote the textile and apparel industry heading towards low carbon emission industry in due courses.

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