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Taiwan Design Industry Soaring Plan

  • Modified at:2022-10-18

In order to encourage the industry to introduce professional design energy such as design aesthetics, design thinking, and user experience analysis in the development of innovative products and services. This plan provides resources to assist enterprises in cross-domain design and cooperative development, enhance corporate competitiveness and added value, and drive corporate innovation and upgrade. Through design promotion activities, it will build a marketing power, and then integrate internationally to create Taiwan design influence:

1. Through the Golden Pin Design Award, create an international stage for Taiwanese design industry, shape the characteristics of Taiwanese design, strive for international recognition and affirmation, and enhance the international visibility and voice of Taiwanese design.

2. Host the Taiwan design exhibition, introduce cross-border integration of design energy, gather industrial resources, stimulate the development of the design industry, explore the characteristics of local industries, create markets and design economic power for local industries, and enhance the participation of people in creative design.

  • 產業創新科 - 嚴秀芬
  • Industrial Development Bureau ministry of economic affairs
  • Contact person:Yen Hsiu Fen
  • Phone:02-27541255 Ext 2415
  • Email:sfyan@moeaidb.gov.tw
Executive unit:
  • Taiwan Design Research Institute
  • Contact person:Ms. Chen
  • Phone:02-27458199 Ext 531
  • Email:jill_chen@tdc.org.tw
Visited Count:2,121
  • Office Hours: AM8:30~PM5:30
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Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
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