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Important Policies

Principal Axes and Strategies for Taiwan's Industry Upgrading and Transformation

(Three main axes and four main strategies for industry upgrading and transformation)

In order to accelerate industry upgrading and transformation, the Executive Yuan approved the "Industry Upgrading and Transformation Action Plan" on Oct. 13, 2014. The plan contains three principal axes, including "revitalizing traditional industries," "consolidating main-strength industries" and "cultivating emerging industries," as well as four main strategies, namely "raising product levels and product added value," "setting up complete industry supply chain systems," "establishing systems solutions project competency," and "accelerating the development of emerging industries," with an aim of encouraging enterprises to raise the content of the industries toward smart, green, and culture & creativity development. At the same time, the plan includes various policy tools and accompanying measures to assist enterprises in upgrading and transformation.

i) Three main axes

a. Revitalizing traditional industries

Enterprises in Taiwan's traditional sectors are numerous and small in scale. Despite abated growth as well as limited increases in technology levels and product grades in recent years, these businesses still serve as an important force for stable industry and employment opportunities. Therefore, the MOEA has chosen "raising product levels and product added value" as a main strategy in working to transform traditional industries. The aim is to penetrate high-end application markets, master key technologies and raise industry added value by means of measures promoting high added value R&D, the formation of R&D alliances, and so on.

Three main axes and four main strategies
b. Consolidating main-strength industries

The MOEA will begin with"establishing complete industry supply chain systems "and "establishing systems solutions project competency," on the one hand working to raise these Taiwan sectors' ability to manufacture key materials, equipment and components domestically, while on the other hand working to expand turnkey project solution competency and boost related export performance.

c. Cultivating emerging industries

The MOEA, in its promotion of emerging industries, with priority placed on cross-disciplinary and cross-sector innovation, not only wants to inject new growth momentum into the manufacturing sector but also to bring about service sector development.

ii) Four Main Strategies

a. Raising product levels and product added value

The goal is to penetrate high-end product application fields, master key technologies in the entire value chain, and raise industry added value through key measures promoting the development of high added value R&D, the formation of up, mid and downstream industry R&D alliances, the integration of testing and certification, the establishment of global logistics centers, and so on.

b. Setting up complete industry supply chain systems

The aim is to establish complete industry chains and autonomous production capacity domestically for key materials (such as for OLED panel packaging), components (such as for machine tool controllers and electronic speed control for bicycles), and equipment (such as AMOLED and PECVD), by means of key measures promoting the formation of autonomous systems by R&D alliances, the inventory of industry deficiencies, the application of themed R&D advisory capacity, cross-disciplinary cooperation to expand application fields, and so on.

c. Establishing systems solutions project competency

Key measures include using the domestic market as a test bed in striving to tap global business opportunities, forming systems integration alliances, establishing flagship teams to enhance export strength, and setting up a financial support mechanism for overseas invitations to tender. Others include expanding turnkey project solution competency to bring about growth in exports; integrating intelligent automation to enhance hardware and software integration, and boosting systems solution project competency in order to expand the value chain.

d. Accelerating the development of emerging industries

Besides actively developing the next generation of main-stream emerging industries, interdisciplinary new application markets need to be developed, as the line dividing the manufacturing, service, and other industries becomes increasingly blurred, in order to grasp future global trends and emerging business opportunities.

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