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Management of Industrial Park Development

1.Development Management Tasks

Industrial park development can be divided into four management tasks: Site selection and feasibility assessment; industrial park planning, design, and construction; leasing and sale and sale of land ; and industrial park management

  • For an industrial park developed by the government, the time required for completion, including project application, planning & design, construction, etc., is allocated, environment impact and zoning change investigations must be carried out; this takes about one-third of the total time.
  • Private developers(companies, industrialists, landowners)must also ollow the above procedures in developing industrial parks. Except for the investigation by government agencies of land allocation applications, all developmental work is carried out by the private sector.

2.Organization of Work Teams

Industrial park development teams must be comprised of the various levels of government concerned as well as of the developing agency. These constituents described as followed:

  • Policy formulation and promotion agency
    The formulation and promotion of policy for the establishment of ndustrial parks is handled by the central government agency: the industrial Development Bureau,MOEA.
  • Development, investment, and construction agency
    1. For industrial parks the development of which is promoted by the government, development is handled by an organization commissioned after open screening, The commissioned organization raises the necessary funds itself, and recovers its capital through the sale of land.
    2. For industrial parks developed by the private sector, the necessary capital is also raised by the developers themselves.
    3. Planning, design, and construction supervision agencies
      The development of industrial parks is promoted by the government, but the work of planning, design and construction supervision is carried out by commissioned technical consultant agencies.
    4. Agencies providing development assistance
      Coordinating construction related to industrial park development, such as land acquisition, rezoning, land registration, and access infrastructure, require the assistance of related central, provincial, country and city government.
    5. Management agencies
      After completion o an industrial park, regulations require management agencies to be set up for the purpose of providing plant construction, operations, environmental protection, environment management, employee care, and other services for companies within the park.
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