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Industrial Parks and Ports

Planning for the future

1.From price considerations to quality considerations.

The past

  • Only basic public facilities were provided.
  • The purpose of development was to provide cheap industrial land, and lower the cost of operation and management for manufacturers.

The future

  • Industrial parks will feature high quality
  • Selling prices of land will be reasonable.

2.from supply orientation to demand orientation

The past

  • Supply orientation was unable to conform fully to the needs and characteristics of industrial development.

The future

  • The provision of industrial land will based on market demand and the needs of industry.
  • The private sector will be actively encouraged to participate in development.

3.From industrial Zones to industrial parks

The past

  • Only basic infrastructure as circulation roads, water, and electricity supply was provided.

The future

  • In line with the new character of industrial parks, environment greening will be reinforced and land for such purposes as research and development, related industrial, and recreation will be also be expanded so as to form a high-quality, modern image for industrial parks.

4.From basic services to comprehensive services

The past

  • Only such basic functions as internal inquiry and facilities maintenance were provided.

The future

  • Comprehensive industrial park functions encompassing park management, industrial and commercial services, and guidance or industrial development will be provided.

5.Intelligent Industrial Parks

The principle of promoting these parks is to upgrade Taiwan’s overall production environment. Pursuing the goal of establishing an Asia-Pacific operations center, and based on the needs of high-tech, high-tech, high-value-added industrial development, the government is activity promoting the establishment of “intelligent industrial parks” to provide industrial with superior factory land and coordinate closely with basic information construction in building a modernized telecommunications network and providing modernized management and centralized services. “intelligent industrial parks” are founded on information, with a modern knowledge orientation toward production and R&D activities by high-tech, high-value-added industrial..

Their basic characteristics are as follows:

  1. They possess advanced technologies and complete information neworks.
  2. They incorporate the resources of research and academic institutions,
  3. They provide work and living environment under academic management.

“Intelligent industrial parks” emphasize the use of advanced information technology to establish complete information networks and high-quality service facilities, including:

  1. Optional fiber network systems.
  2. Internal management control centers for information systems.
  3. Electronic control of fire prevention, fire fighting, environmental monitoring, and other security system services.
  4. Management agencies, confirence centers, exhibition centers, and manpower training centers.
  5. Automatic energy-saving design for structures and public facilities.
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