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2017 YODEX: Exchange and Heritage Showcasing Innovative Design Power

  • Published at: 2017-05-25 16:08
  • Last modified at: 2017-05-25 17:58

The 2017 Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX) supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, and executed by the Taiwan Design Center, took place on May 19-22 at Exhibition Halls 1 and 3 of the Taipei World Trade Center. This year, the exhibition featured 144 departments from 65 local institutions, and nine design academies from five foreign nations (The United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Japan), and over 9,000 young designers showcased nearly 4,000 creative works together.

The main visual of this year’s YODEX was selected from submissions by graduate students participating in industry-academic cooperation programs. This year’s main visual was designed by Liao Yi-han from the Department of Applied Arts of Fu Jen Catholic University, and was entitled “Exchange,” in reference to how young designers interact, exchange, communicate, and pass on knowledge and experience through this annual celebration of design.

To further integrate the creative energy of design students and the industry, narrowing the gap between industry and academia, the IDB has launched the Young Designers Academia and Industry Cooperation Graduate Project. The IDB invited 12 companies and organizations, including Campal, Microsoft Taiwan, NOVA Design x SYM, Apex, Carol Electronics, Herzu Design, LOHAS, UniMax, Gigabyte, Beast Kingdom, and the Taiwan Design Center to set topics. A total of 41 groups consisting of 117 students were selected. Through cooperation, the project provides graduating students with an early opportunity to participate in real R&D, guiding students to think and create practically to answer the needs and demands of the market and consumers. The cooperation project for the 37th YODEX is now open for submissions, and all companies are invited to submit topics and encourage more students to create in a diverse fashion; we also hope that design students graduating next year can jump at this opportunity, sending in applications before October 2 of this year, so that they will be able to showcase their talents.

The issue of environmental protection and the concept of the green exhibition have gained growing awareness around the world in recent years, and therefore YODEX also encourages participating schools to adopt environmentally friendly design principles to reduce the impact on the environment of exhibition decoration and renovation materials and wastes, realizing the concept of the green exhibition. YODEX also held the “Sustainable Circular Economy Seminar—Design Professionals Must Know Sustainable Design!” event, where designers of different disciplines, including products, crafts, and architecture, were invited to share with students and the general public some of the trends of the sustainable economy, applications of recycled materials, and successful cases, in the hope of achieving the goals of sustainable development through design.

As a major transition point for young designers from campus to society, YODEX has observed the rise of funding platforms in recent years. Many design or cultural and creative concepts and products have been able to gain exposure or be successfully launched, creating a brand new business model. This year, YODEX is collaborating with funding platforms for the first time to host a sharing session, providing an opportunity for graduating students and related professionals to have a closer experience with funding platforms, with the aim of elevating the economic value of the design and creative industries.

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