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Meet Taiwan - 4G Smart City Initiative Results

  • Published at: 2017-06-26 14:10
  • Last modified at: 2017-06-26 14:13

To encourage innovation in mobile broadband applications and services, and construct a “Smart 4G Broadband City,” the Mobile Broadband Service and Industry Development Initiative was launched in 2014, aimed at using a 4G broadband network to incite smart city development. Under the concept of the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) mode, the project aimed to provide sustainable development and a prosperous 4G market to reach the goal to constructing smart cities with local governments.

In terms of transportation services, the initiative has successfully supported Taoyuan City to launch “TyMetro 4G Wi-Fi” as the first free all-the-way Wi-Fi metro in Taiwan. Also, the progressive “HSR iTaiwan project” is expected to deploy free Wi-Fi in all carriages in July.

As for travel, PTbus provides considerate packages for tourists when picking Kenting as their destination. Not only can the travelers receive well-planned services fore and aft, local retail shops can alsobenefit.

The ancient capital, Tainan City, works strategically with telecommunication carriers to integrate the city government’s resources and implement convenient services to citizens, including disaster prevention, mobile education, smart transportation and smart tourism.

In terms of innovative business models, iStaging has initiated an on-line 3D house furniture and decoration preview application, cooperating with realtors, furnishing vendors, interior designers, and constructors to create a new business ecosystem that combines multiple partners in line.

The results of the 4G Smart City Initiative will continue to be sustained and promoted under the National Infrastructure Program in order to construct the digital development of urban and rural regions.

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