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NeuroSky’s Brain-computer Interface Technology Improves Children’s Concentration

  • Published at: 2018-04-27 14:48
  • Last modified at: 2018-04-27 14:50

Short attention span is a common problem among children, and it is also a key issue to all types of learning. Consequently, NeuroSky, assisted by Ministry of Economic Affairs, is working to improve children’s education with wearable brain-machine interface.

Research from students attending University of Virginia shows glaring inefficiency in self-learning amng most students. However, how to consistently retain information from continuous learning everyday? NeuroSky’s brainwave sensing headset with effective learner app can detect children’s learning effectiveness and display it in 6 different color coded levels, so study effectiveness can be gauged with a quick glance. It helps teachers greatly to know students’ competency and potential.

To make wearable device smaller and easier to use, NeuroSky developed the smallest EEG chip with over 96% accuracy when compared against regular EEG equipment. With limited resources in its early days, especially as an IC design startup, a lacking funding and HW/SW resources are among the major problems. Through the from Nankang IC Design Incubation Center (NKIC), provided assistance and resources to NeuroSky in the forms of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) as well as technical services, data center operations, and IT management services to consolidate its EEG/ECG chip development.

NeuroSky brainwave sensing headset is already deployed in 11 schools on trial basis in Taoyuan this year. It helps to measure children’s concentration level. In the future, this type of product may help athlete schools or special education schools. Furthermore, NeuroSky is actively trying to meet the New Southbound Policy and cooperate with Malaysian government in developing VR training field for sports players.

In the future, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is dedicated to vigorously assist and support small and medium start-ups in Taiwan, furnishing start-ups with maximum resources to ensure sustainable growth, continuous development, and market expansion.

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