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The Industrial Development Bureau Achieves Outstanding Results in Helping Tongtai Machine & Tool Invest in the Localization of 3D-Printing Sand Casting Equipment.

  • Published at: 2018-11-28 17:57
  • Last modified at: 2018-11-28 18:00

The casting industry is an important fundamental industry in Taiwan. Since casting is a traditional 3D industry, the industry is having a difficult time attracting young people. As a result, skills in this industry could not be passed on, not to mention a shortage of talent. In 2015, the Industrial Development Bureau initiated a development project, the “Casting Industry Procedure Optimization Promotion Project,” to help Taiwan’s casting industry upgrade from a 3D industry (Dangerous, Dirty, Difficult) to a 4C industry (Clean, Career, Competitive, Creative). 3D printing equipment and technology were introduced to shorten product development time, which can help the industry obtain orders faster and improve the industry’s international competitiveness.

With the assistance of the Industrial Development Bureau and the MIRDC, Tongtai Machine & Tool, Chin Ching Silica Sand, and K.L. Chemicals worked together to execute the “3D Printing Sand Casting Equipment and Material Industrialization Development Project”. In this project, Tongtai Machine & Tool focused on the printing head, sand laying, sand supply, and machinery electrical/mechanical integration technology. The objective was to self-develop and produce 3D printing sand casting equipment, which is expected to eliminate reliance on the importation of expensive equipment. This would allow Taiwan to produce its own 3D printing sand casting equipment and materials and become self-reliant.

After two years of development and hard work by alliance members, Tongtai Machine & Tool received the first purchase order this year, and signed a contract (Spray Type Sand Casting Additive Manufacturing Equipment) with domestic casting operator Sinny Heavy Industry at the Taiwan International 3D Printing Show. This has significant and positive meaning for development of Taiwan’s casting market, and helps to overcome competition from international vendors in the same industry, thus improving the domestic ability to satisfy low quantity/high diversity needs.

The combination of Tongtai Machine & Tool’s domestically produced 3D printing sand casting equipment with core technologies from MIRDC’s casting-solution CAE design analysis can rapidly provide domestic casting-related industries with innovative trial service platforms. This will improve market competitiveness and lead Taiwan’s casting industry towards innovation and upgrading.

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