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‘Get WILD'! Grand Opening of VGW Exhibition

  • Published at: 2019-05-22 14:56
  • Last modified at: 2019-05-22 15:03

The VGW (Vision Get Wild) exhibition, held by the Industrial Development Bureau under the MOEA as well as the Kaohsiung City Government, starts on May 15th. The exhibition is based on the theme of “Get WILD” in order to discover the super future of technology and design. It involves 89 schools, 213 departments, and 2,042 entries, and the prizes of the VGW award competition reach up to NT$1 million. The exhibition combines AR/VR Fun Tech with digital content design, creating an exchange opportunity between technology and design.

VGW is scaling up this year, involving 60 departments and 18 firms. The highlights of the exhibition include 50 somatosensory products for VR/AR, and the products range from entertainment, fitness, and medication to education, creating the microcosm of the technology city of the future. The 2016 VGW award winner, MO: Astray by TACC is also participating in the exhibition. There are 24 international speakers from Taiwan, the United States, and Japan, for a total of 18 speeches in three days, leading visitors to explore the unknown.

According to the chairman of Userjoy Technology, Liu Xin, VGW takes the lead in attracting firms to participate in the exhibition, showing the strength of Taiwan's gaming industry in the hope of seeking new developing teams with potential. The Industrial Development Bureau is cooperating with the Kaohsiung City Government to build a somatosensory technology innovation base. As of 2018, a total of 23 somatosensory technology manufacturers had received NT$110 million in funding, which is expected to create 500 jobs and NT$1 billion in output value. In the future, we will enhance the value of products by application, accelerate the development of technologies such as somatosensory technology, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as wearable applications. We also hope to promote international cooperation and indirectly increase the relevant investment and industrial value to more than NT$2 billion.

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