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The final result of 2022 International Spotlight Tourism Factory Selection

  • Published at: 2022-08-03 08:52
  • Last modified at: 2022-08-11 10:14
2022 International Spotlight Tourism Factory Selection_Simbalion Art Studio

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "2022 International Spotlight Tourism Factory Selection". Two new entries were selected, including Simbalion Art Studio and Eminent Interactive Luggage World, were selected to promote international tourism jointly and to attract more international tourists to Taiwan after post Covid era.

This year, two international spotlight tourism factories were selected to the family for the first time. Simbalion Art Studio, located in Taoyuan City, founded in 1956 and has transformed with the people of Taiwan in the field of stationery to cross over to the cultural and creative service industry and promote art education in 2020.

The other chosen company is the largest luggage company, specializing in design and manufacture of international branding luggage and leisure goods, and is also the designated ODM partner of the world's top ten famous brands. It has created a luggage-themed creative tourism factory with its own brand "eminent", combining high-tech exhibition area design and interactive projection to highlight the brand story, industry culture, craft aesthetics and digital experience, the visitors may explore and experience the creative world of luggage at the same spot and at the end of journey, the tourists may have a snap shopping and take away your favorites.

In spite of the Covid lingering, the two selected international spotlight tourism factories still have remarkable performance and characteristics in terms of operation and management, and have sufficient facilities and capacity to receive international tourists in a safety and fashion manner .

Taiwan is kind of shopping paradise and guest friendly island , we are pretty confident that once the border eased , the international tourists will flooding into Taiwan and a factory shopping could be the Best Buy during tourism .

The Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, will continue working with Taiwan Tourism Office in varied countries to promote the Taiwan tourism factories and enrich the international inbound tourists enlightening tourism experience in Taiwan.

In order to promote the internationalization of tourism factories, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been promoting the International Spotlight Tourism Factory Award mechanism since 2013, a total of 19 manufacturers have been awarded this honor over the years.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs proclaims that tourism factories are one of the key points in promoting regional development as well as international tourism in Taiwan, and through the international spotlight tourism factory selection mechanism, tourism factories may transform itself in a eco-friendly manner with local flairs and culture flavors which can gradually strengthen their soft power and enhance more tourism factories to have sound ability to receive international tourists, so as to attract more international tourists to Taiwan and let the world see the soft and hard power of Taiwan's industry.

Let the world to see Taiwan's industries with both hard and soft power and to experience the unique charm of Taiwan's hidden champion industries.

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