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2022 Taiwan Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit: Creating On-line and On-side Connections between Taiwan and Thailandto Shape Mutual Prosperous and Innovative Future for Industry

  • Published at: 2022-10-03 14:42
  • Last modified at: 2022-10-14 14:28

Thailand is a major economic and trade partner for Taiwan. Since 2017, the Industrial Development Bureau, (IDB), the Ministry of Economic Affairs has implemented the first TTICoS (Taiwan-Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit) and established this platform for industry cooperation and exchange between Thailand and Taiwan. The sixth TTICoS was held September 21st-22nd, 2022. At a flurry of on-site events in both Taipei and Bangkok, the two day's forums were attracting about 400 multi-domain representatives from industry, government, academia, and research. While pandemic restrictions slowly ease up both in Thailand and Taiwan, this year's Smart City forum was held directly in Thailand, generated greater in-person interaction and highlight.

A key focus for this year's TTICoS is to expand new areas of bilateral cooperation while normalizing new mutual relations. TTICoS features innovative developments and exchanges in four major industry-focused forums: Food & Biotechnology (focusing on collaboration in probiotics and other health supplements); Textiles (centered on developing superior textile products and implementing co-verification); Smart Cities (Establishing demo parks in Thailand and Taiwan, and developing electric vehicles); and Automation (primarily spotlighting production automation and smart robots).

This year's TTICoS has also eye-witnessed the signing of four memorandums of understanding, included cooperation between HIWIN and TGI on training and certification systems for the precision movement component applications technology domain; two information and communications technology MOUs with Thailand's Synergy Technology, one with CAMEO, the other with Chiun Mai Communications; and AdvMeds' collaboration with Thailand's Connect Dignosis. The MOUs have opened the new dimensions for Thailand-Taiwan cooperation in domains such as applying AIoT in adapting to air pollution and healthcare.

TTICoS has become a major platform for industrial interaction and cooperation between Thailand and Taiwan industries. In the future, TTICoS will continue to foster exchange and cooperation on trendy industry topics, technological developments, and market opportunities for both countries. By mutually forging friendly, profitable, win-win commercial relationships, TTICoS has been breaking new ground for Asia-Pacific markets.

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