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Taiwan Circular Economy Weeks 2022 Running Up, Five Government Authorities Co-develop ESG Highlights of the Industries, Eight Action Forces Implement a Net-Zero New Power

  • Published at: 2022-10-18 14:17
  • Last modified at: 2022-10-18 14:19

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of the Interior, and Public Construction Committee held the "Press Conference for the Cross-Ministerial Taiwan Circular Economy Weeks 2022" on 6th of October kicking off the Taiwan Circular Economy Weeks 2022. With themes on the integration of circular movements and implementation of net-zero sustainability, the events streamline the links to a circular system, and lead the industries in building a total circular system, becoming the key solution to Taiwan's net-zero carbon emission.

The Taiwan Circular Economy Weeks 2022 lasts from October to November, five government authorities, two features, and eight activities will make their debut one after another.

Featuring circular innovation technology and paradigm of industry sustainability, circular innovation technology in particular has accumulated a solid foundation in robust R&D capability, contributed by all Departements's efforts.

In highlighting the R&D efforts in circular economy innovation, a series of expos and technology presentation meetings will be held in northern and southern Taiwan. With regards to paradigms of industry sustainability, the "circular economy innovation exhibition" will be held in northern Taiwan, while the "Taiwan Circular Economy Forum" will be held in southern Taiwan.

Moreover, the press conference also presents three outcome highlights, namely: the anti-rut asphalt concrete verified and matched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Circular Materials Verification and Matchmaking (CMVM) Platform. The concrete pavement bearing the trucks with few hundred tons of load daily for two years, remains rock solid. The Environmental Protection Administration promotes sustainable consumption and circular procurement, promoting the professional maintenance and overhaul company of Taiwan-BYTE International Co., Ltd. endows fresh value to computers, communications & consumer electronics prolonging the life cycle of products. The Council of Agriculture provides counseling on low-carbon and non-toxic biomass wood pellets to transform the residual resources of the agricultural forest into non-toxic and low-carbon wood pellets, effectively making the best use of materials and double their value.

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