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2011~2012 Taiwan Environmental Equipment Guidebook

  • Published at: 2012-03-21 00:00
  • Last modified at: 2012-03-21 16:35

Coping with the industry’s demand for pollution control facility installation and improvements, the Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affair (MOEAIDB) has been continuously studying and gathering information on domestic equipment manufacturers in environment protection since 1989. The study results are revised on an annual basis since 1993 and further published as the popular “Taiwan Environmental Equipment Guide” distributed freely to factories in Taiwan reaches over ten thousands issues. In the meantime, the growing precision in manufacturing technology from related industries has generated innovative environmental protection equipments to meet the increasing demand for quality in environmental protection from consumers in the domestic and overseas markets.

Once again, the MOEAIDB has delegated the Capital Engineering Corporation and the Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association in drafting the Chinese and English Equipment Guide for 2009. After rigorous research on the domestic environmental equipment manufacturers and their products, the Equipment Guide is expected to provide consumers from the domestic and overseas market with the latest and finest equipment information.

As with any publication, the thorough editing efforts of the Equipment Guide doest not prohibit the occurrence of omission or oversight in the listing, especially with the continuous R&D efforts from the domestic manufacturers. The MOEAIDB is determined to revise the Equipment Guide on an annual basis to provide latest information to the industry, and we hope professionals and equipment manufacturers from the environmental protection industry will openly provide your insights and latest information to the publishers so we can improve upon and publish the Equipment Guide meeting both the need of the industry and the elevation of environmental quality in Taiwan. We would like to express our gratitude to the manufacturers providing us information during the publishing of the Equipment Guide and wish to hear from you for any suggestion for improvements.

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