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Intelligent Electronics Institute’s Innovative Leaders Training and Texas Instruments’ Talent Training Cooperation Launched to Nurture Top Talent!

  • Published at: 2016-09-30 11:38
  • Last modified at: 2016-10-03 16:23

In order to promote the cooperation between Taiwanese and international suppliers and grasp IoT-related business opportunities, on September 22, the Industrial Development Bureau's Intelligent Electronics Institute0 announced the official kickoff of the 2016 Innovative Leaders Training Program; this year's training program was co-signed by the world's leading analog semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments to help Taiwanese suppliers take advantage of new opportunities in smart technology and smart manufacturing in order to expand into the new market.

For the past six years, the Intelligent Electronics Institute has successfully launched a series of training programs for mid-to-upper level management personnel. With over a hundred CEOs from domestic and international enterprises giving lectures, and nearly 300 top managers from TSMC, MediaTek, Himax, Realtek, Actron, Sunplus, Walton, SPIL, and many others providing support and feedback, the program was expanded to southern Taiwan last year to help promote the development of enterprises in the south.

This year's Innovative Leaders Training Program focuses on the advantages of the hardware manufacturing industry combined with new ideas to promote smart electronics R&D. HTC, Nvidia, Infineon, and many other well-known Taiwanese/international manufacturers were invited to share their knowledge on topics such as technology management, smart applications, smart transportation, and long-term medical care. During the kickoff ceremony on September 22, General Manager Luke Lee of Texas Instruments and General Manager Ken Cheng of Siemens were both invited to give keynote speeches to help industry professional understanding new application requirements as well as marching toward a new development direction.

Director General Ming-Ji Wu from the Industrial Development Bureau expressed that upon a key point in industrial restructuring, Industrial Development Bureau's Intelligent Electronics Institute and Texas Instruments will work together to create a more comprehensive training platform to develop top talent; through this cooperation framework, advanced technologies can be developed more rapidly and more outstanding individuals can be trained to drive the industry forward. General Manager Luke Lee of Texas Instruments stated that through this project, he hopes both organizations can work together to support Taiwan's IoT ecosystem and rapidly construct a comprehensive industry chain with Taiwanese suppliers to drive IoT applications such as automotive electronics, smart manufacturing, and other key technologies.

Taiwan's semiconductor industry and the system manufacturing ecosystem are flourishing; they will become the next crucial wave in the development of IoT applications. Industrial Development Bureau's Intelligent Electronics Institute hopes that through this training project, combined with the cooperative platform and forming alliances with international/Taiwanese suppliers, the next generation of top talents will be able to lead the industry by building a solid foundation as well as rapidly upgrading and transforming the industry to elevate our international competiveness.

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