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SRDC Assists Preserving the Heritage of Eastern Taiwanese Culture Features

  • Published at: 2016-10-18 14:05
  • Last modified at: 2016-10-18 14:07

Eastern Taiwan has many natural resources, culture, and art, but the cultural characteristics of the Eastern Taiwan disappear gradually due to the exodus of local population. In order to preserve the unique features of Eastern Taiwan, Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center (SRDC) invited an artist and a professional master to showcase the heritage of the Eastern Taiwanese art techniques in the workshop on Oct. 1 and 2. During the two days of experience and activities, students not only learned a great deal of techniques, and each student also completed their own creation in the "Storied Hill behind the Mountain”.

Through the unique journey, SRDC taught the students knowledge of mineral and forest resources in Eastern Taiwan and also let them feel the stories behind them. In addition, these participating artists taught sculpturing skills of the driftwood and jade jewelry based metalworking art. At the same time, they shared the experience and inspiration to explore creative ideas, so that students could acquire more understanding of the cultural arts and history of Eastern Taiwan.

In the future, SRDC will continue to invite more creative designers and craft masters through sharing experiences. SRDC will also invite more creative designers and craft masters to continue creating good works with interested people. Finally, we encourage more creative works with the cultural characteristics of Eastern Taiwan to continue to spread and shine in many places.

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