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Branding Taiwan in Tainan: Bridging North and South to upgrate brand values

  • Published at: 2016-11-03 09:27
  • Last modified at: 2016-11-03 09:32

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) expanded the “Branding Taiwan Campaign: The Second Phase – 2016 Brand Enterprise Exchange Series” this year to help local enterprises build strong brands. The event is co-organized by the IDB and local governments to bring together related industrial associations and potential brand enterprises, providing consultation and diagnostic services to local enterprises for branding.

The Tainan event of this series was co-organized by the IDB, Bureau of Economic Development, and Tainan City Government on October 26, 2016. During the morning session, Mr. Jason Chen, Strategy Director of Exp Branding Consultant Group pointed out the advantages of niche market, and gave examples of brand upgrade and transformation when applying the niche market concept. Mr. Chen Chun-Li, Chairman of Black Bridge Food Co., Ltd., shared his brand story of core values of quality, taste and morality. Mr. Chen Chin-Chao, General Manager of TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd., emphasized brand as an extension of corporate culture, and building a complete brand management system from within while upholding the brand spirit is the only way to become the only choice for customers. During the afternoon session, the IDB led brand consulting companies, the majority of which were located in northern Taiwan, to meet with potential brand enterprises of key industries recommended by Tainan City Government, bringing together north and south to discuss directions for brand development; the afternoon session was well-received by the enterprises that took part.

Please visit the website of “Branding Taiwan Campaign: The Second Phase” of the IDB (https://www.branding-taiwan.tw) for more information.

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