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Ministry of Economic Affairs affirms foreign IT firms' long-term contributions to Taiwan and encourages foreign firms to continue to create opportunities together with partners in Taiwan

  • Published at: 2016-11-07 13:54
  • Last modified at: 2016-11-07 13:58

The MOEA will be hosting the 2016 IPO Awards Ceremony & Appreciation Banquet at 6:00 pm on November 4 (Friday) at the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei. Minister of Economic Affairs Lee Chih-kung will be attending this event to personally grant awards in six categories to superior IT firms that have made major contributions to Taiwan. The award categories include: "Technology Value-added Partners," "Green Systems Partners," "Strategic Point of Light Partners," "Market Expansion Partners," "Innovative Application Partners," and "Soft Values Partners." A total of 19 foreign IT companies in Taiwan will receive these awards.

According to the Institute for Information Industry's MIC survey, foreign information firms belonging to the IPO Forum have made total procurements of more than US$106.1 billion in Taiwan this year. Moreover, foreign firms have expanded the scope of their investments in Taiwan from hardware procurement to technology and innovative applications. The MOEA is using many public commendations to thank international partners for their contributions to the development of Taiwan's IT industry, and encourages foreign firms to continue to seek win-win outcomes through close collaboration with partners in Taiwan. This year's (2016) award selection indicators encompass procurement amount, employment, production in Taiwan, technological enhancements, green energy and energy conservation, soft economic benefits, and support for key policies. Beyond deepening hardware capabilities, the award-winning foreign firms have also helped enhance Taiwan's applications and soft power. The MOEA therefore wishes to encourage foreign partners and Taiwanese firms to use their complementary resources to jointly promote the structural transformation of Taiwan's IT industry.

This year's (2016) IPO Award will be given to the following recipients: Applied Materials and DuPont will receive the Technology Value-added Partner Award for their expansion of R&D in Taiwan; Micron, Mitsubishi Electric, Qualcomm, and TDK will receive the Strategic Point of Light Partner Award for their support for policy, continued collaboration with firms in Taiwan, and investment of R&D resources in Taiwan; Google, HP, and Panasonic will receive the Green Systems Partner Award for their long-term efforts to develop green products and solutions; Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, and Microsoft will receive the Innovative Application Partner Award for creating novel applications together with partners in Taiwan; Aiming, Sony, and Synopsys will receive the Soft Values Partner Award for their cultivation of personnel with soft skills in the field of software technology in conjunction with partners in industry, academia, and the research community; and Apple, Dell, NVIDIA, Broadcom, and HP will receive the Market Expansion Partner Award for being the five foreign firms with the highest levels of procurement in Taiwan. These award-winning foreign companies have provided invaluable assistance to the upgrading and diversified development of Taiwan's IT industry.

The IT industry has been the locomotive of Taiwan's economic growth over the last 30 years, and Minister Lee expressed his affirmation of the long-term contributions of foreign partner firms to Taiwan. Looking ahead to the future, the most important three tasks currently facing the MOEA are the promotion of Taiwan's "industrial upgrading, industrial transformation, and industrial innovation," and in line with these directions is the implementation of the 5 2 innovative industrial policies through the development of green energy industry, national defense, Asian Silicon Valley, Asia-Pacific biotech pharmaceuticals, intelligent machinery, petrochemical upgrading, circular economy, and new agriculture. Moreover, the MOEA is sparing no efforts to continue fostering a superior investment environment, promote administrative reforms, review outdated laws and regulations, sweep away obstacles to investment and business operation, simplify investment procedures in compliance with international norms, and strengthen communication as well as discussion with various parties to hear companies' voices.

Apart from recognizing the award-winning foreign firms at the award ceremony and banquet, the MOEA also invites IPO Forum members to participate in this major event in order to thank these foreign firms for their contributions to Taiwan. Among the guests invited to participate in the event are numerous agency heads from the MOEA, and representatives of the American Institute in Taiwan, the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, Taiwan's Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, as well as numerous domestic firms.

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