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Taiwan’s First Case of High Value-Added Petrochemical Product: The Factory of KFPC Established

  • Published at: 2016-11-16 15:03
  • Last modified at: 2016-11-16 15:11

The Ministry of Economic Affairs assisted the Taiwan-America joint-venture investment to establish Kraton Formosa Polymers Corporation (KFPC) in 2012, in order to produce high value-added petrochemical products in Taiwan. Now, KFPC’s mass production will officially start to operate. It was the first mass production case for the promoted high value-added petrochemical products in our country. The product can be extensively applied to the development of the 5 2 industrial innovative scheme currently in our country.

The capital cost of KFPC is NT$ 7,800 million, and the product is hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer (HSBC), which is a high-performance synthetic elastomer. HSBC has good flexibility, elasticity, strength, durability, as well as processing and recoverable properties, and the final HSBC products can be applied to various industries such as medical treatment, panel, and automobile etc. The market price of HSBC is about 2-3 times that of regular rubber. The future output value is estimated to be up to NT$ 4.5~6.0 billion per year driving the development of downstream industrial chain to about NT$ 15 billion.

The new KFPC factory plan introduced advanced clean manufacturing processes. The various environmental indicators for new factory in Taiwan will be superior to America and Europe where the air pollutants emission, greenhouse gases emission, and water use reduction in this new factory will comply with the latest environmental protection regulations to significantly decrease pollution. The new KFPC factory was established in November 2016, and will formally begin operation after recent official confirmation via EIA(environmental impact assessment) commitment.

The KFPC is the first successful case for our country to promote high value-added policy in petrochemical industry, and it certainly will not be the last case. The Ministry of Economic Affairs is currently carrying out 12 cases in the pilot plant project, thematic research and development project, as well as industry upgrading and innovation platform program that will drive in about NT$ 15 billion of investment and production value at NT$ 60 billion. In the future, the government will keep promoting high valued-added petrochemical industry to work in concert with the development of the 5 2 industrial innovative scheme, in order to develop green innovative materials, to create downstream application in the market. Not only can petrochemical industry realize high value-added improvement but also achieve the goal of sustainable development in Taiwan.

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