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Mobileheroes Unveiled Its Winners to Showcase New Talents in IoT and 5G Industry

  • Published at: 2016-11-21 16:52
  • Last modified at: 2016-11-21 17:51

Mobileheroes, also known as Taiwan’s ICT Oscars, held its award ceremony on November 14, 2016 at the NTUH International Convention Center. Categories of this year’s competition included Smart City, IoT Applications, SDN/NFV, and 4G/5G Smart Handheld Antenna Design. The competition has attracted not only students, but also start-up teams and developers to join the competition. There were 372 teams with almost 1,000 mobileheroes participating this year.

This year’s projects were full of IoT spirits. Many teams utilized sensors, data collection, wireless communications, and biometrics in their innovations. For example, the top winner for Smart City Applications “BD_mobile” used the exclusive arterial physiological signals instead of facial recognition or fingerprint authentication for personal identification in areas such as mobile payment. The top winner for MediaTek IoT Development designed a hiking positioning system, “Sherpa”, which includes a device with build-in Bluetooth, GPS, and biometric sensor modules to track hikers’ positions and physiological signals through the app. The system is designed to reduce risks for hiking due to the loss of hikers’ positions in areas with poor reception.

Today, Mobileheroes has been the incubator for talents in the communication industry. It is supported by many companies, including MediaTek, Chunghwa Telecom, Qualcomm, Bluetooth SIG, Taiwan Mobile, FarEasTone Telecom, hTC, Acer, Askey, Advantech, Realtek, KKBOX, PAPAGO, AcSiP, SAC Group, Agema, Auden Techno, Foxconn, BWant, Cingxin, Compal, IAET, and more. In the future, Mobileheroes will continue to serve as a platform for talents and new businesses to realize their dreams, and to optimize Taiwan’s communication industry.

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