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Taiwan, France launch innovative cooperation, achieve fruitful results on industrial collaboration at 24th ICCM

  • Published at: 2017-10-19 16:58
  • Last modified at: 2017-10-19 17:00

The 24th Taiwan-France Industrial Cooperation Consultation Meeting (ICCM) was held at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center on Oct. 13, 2017. Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) Director General Jang-Hwa Leu co-chaired the meeting with Directorate General for Enterprises (DGE) Director-General Pascal Faure.

Director Leu noted that the ICCM is the most important platform for promoting Taiwan-France industrial cooperation and an indispensable link in Taiwan’s participation in international networking.

Director Leu first briefed the meeting on Taiwan’s industry development policies, including the 5 industry innovative R&D programs, which is aimed at forging a new model of economic development that has innovation, employment and equitable distribution as its core values; as well as on various related initiatives, such as the DIGI Development Policy, the Circular Economy, and the Forward-looking Infrastructure Plan, which along with accompanying measures and policies being formulated are aimed at promoting economic model and structure transformation.

For his part, Director-General Faure briefed the meeting on France’s latest plans with respect to innovation and industry policy as well as economic restructuring. He noted that since assuming office, French President Emmanuel Macron has been working to boost France’s economic growth momentum through a series of reforms. In addition, through the “French Fab” program, the government is aiming to foster development of the country’s innovative industry ecosystem and industry innovation applications.

Both Taiwan and France recognize that innovation and digitization are important forces for economic transformation and growth, and that sustainable development is an important global issue that requires immediate attention.

Industrial cooperation issues included the Internet of Things, green industry/circular economy, renewable energy and innovation. In June of this year, Director Leu led a delegation of representatives of several enterprises on a visit to France with the aim of forming links with the country’s IoT ecosystem. The delegation expressed the opinion that France possesses comprehensive capabilities and that there is clustering taking place in its IoT sector, from which Taiwan can learn much. The delegation also observed that from the respective policy directions and industry advantages of France and Taiwan, there are ample opportunities for complementary cooperation between the two sides, and IoT could become an important area for further enhancing substantive bilateral exchanges.

To promote sustainable industrial development, the two sides also discussed green industry/circular economy, renewable energy, and related issues during the meeting. Circular economy thinking and innovative models are currently reaching high points globally, and France is a forerunner in terms of energy transition and green economy. The Taiwan side expressed the hope of borrowing from France’s successful development experience, and enhancing close exchanges with France on policies and regulations, regional development, innovative business models, and related promotion efforts, so as to generate cooperation opportunities between the two sides.

In order to spur innovative technology collaboration between Taiwanese and French enterprises, during the meeting the Institute for Information Industry and the Bpifrance formed partnership ties, under which they will work to enhance mutual understanding of their respective countries’ innovation ecosystems, as well as provide funding assistance for bilateral collaborative endeavors on innovation. The initial focus will be on boosting collaboration in the areas of green energy, ICT, and 5G. Enterprises have already joined in cooperative endeavors with potential, such as in the aerospace and biotechnology sectors, achieving major progress in Taiwan-France cooperation on innovation.

The 25th ICCM will be held next year in Paris. The IDB director will lead a delegation to France to take part in the meeting and seek even more commercial and cooperation opportunities.

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