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2017 Assistive Technology Devices Test Field Presentation and the Opening Ceremony of the Assistive Technology Devices Demonstration Center of Taipei Medical University

  • Published at: 2017-10-27 09:32
  • Last modified at: 2017-10-27 09:35

In order to assist in the promotion of hospital & home in using domestic medical device and assistive products from the Niche Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry and Internationalization Promotion program, the Industry Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will work with theTaipei City Resource Portal of Assistive Technology to hold the 2017 assistive technology devices field trial presentation on October 19, 2017 (Thursday) to focus on the domestic products of assistive technology devices for patients with spinal cord injuries, building a "smart living area" and a "smart assistive device zone", which consist of intelligent environment control systems, physiological sensors, smart beds, smart wheelchairs, creative walkers and safety shifters, for field trials. Promoting these devices to doctors in the hope of introducing them to clinic use is expected to strengthen the linkage between patients and medical services, as well as the feedback of medical institutions and manufacturers, so that we can enhance domestic medical devices and assistive products in terms of reliability and rate of usage.

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