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Origin and History Public Infrastructure Location and Transportation Recruitment Project

Origin and History

Park Features

Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park is currently among the most fully-developed large-industrial zones in Taiwan. It is a comprehensive industrial zone with 493 resident companies belonging to over two dozen industry types including base metals, metal products, machinery and repairs, nonmetallic mineral products, transportation and repairs, chemical products, food and beverage manufacturing, power equipment and repairs, etc. Resident companies include state-owned enterprises such as Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Tang Eng Iron Works Co., Dalin’s Refining Business Division, CPC Corporation, and the now privately-owned China Steel Corporation, China Steel Machinery Corporation, China Ship Building Corporation, and China Petrochemical Development Corporation. These companies are a bridge in the relationship between industrial and commercial businesses, as well as the backbone of economic progress in Taiwan.

Sculpture at the Daye N. Road entrance

Sculpture at the Daye N. Road entrance

Service Center Building

Service Center Building

Future Development

In the past, Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park has led economic growth and brought prosperity to the island of Taiwan. In future, the park will continue to play that role for the good of the nation. The Service Center will adhere to government regulations and aggressively assist corporations with their transformation, innovation, and improved competitiveness, as well as promote industrial zone upgrading and the integration of regional resources for sustainable business practices. In anticipation of new economic breakthroughs, the park aims to lead Taiwan into the next era of economic development.

Basic Information

  • Date of Completion: January 1972
  • Land-use Allocation: Industrial zone
  • Development Completion: 1983
  • Developer: BES Engineering Corporation
  • Development Body: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA
  • Total Area: 1,582 hectares
  • Land Leasing Incentives: “006688” Incentive Program for Land Leasing, Kaohsiung City Self-Governance Statute for Encouraging Investment
  • Annual Production Value: NTD 836.4 billion
  • Number of employees: 33,053


  • Transportation Terminals Distance from Park
  • Airport (Kaohsiung International Airport) 0.5 kilometers
  • Railway Station (Kaohsiung Railway Station) 14 kilometers
  • High-speed Rail Station (Taiwan High Speed Rail Zuoying Station) 26 kilometers
  • Harbor (Fifth container terminal, Kaohsiung Harbor) 2 kilometers
  • State Highways (Sun Yat-Sen Expressway, Jhungshan Rd. Interchange) 3 kilometers
  • Other Major Traffic Facilities (Kaohsiung MRT Red Line - Kaohsiung International Airport) 0.5 kilometers (Expressway 88, Siaogang Interchange) 5 kilometers

Land Allocation

  • Land usage Area (Hectares) Percentage of Total Park Area (%)
  • Industry 1,409 89.00%
  • Community 22 1.40%
  • Public Infrastructure 124 7.83%
  • Related Industries and Misc. 27 1.71%
  • Total 1,582 100%


Public Infrastructure

  1. Roads: Total 29km
  2. Water supply: 210,000 tons max. daily supply.
  3. Power grid: Three in-Park transformer stations with 11.4kV high-voltage 3ψ4W; 380/220V low-voltage 3ψ4W; as well as 69kv and 161kv super high voltage transmission lines.
  4. Telecom system: Sufficient telephone numbers provided for all resident companies.
  5. Greenery: Total 57 hectares; greenery planted along sidewalks, as well as banyan, oak, indian almond, and other trees.
  6. Road lamps: 776 units.
  7. Rainwater system: 65km of rainwater drainage.

Location and Transportation

Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park is located in the Siaogang and Cianjhen districts of Kaohsiung City, bordering Kaohsiung County to the east and about 10km into Kaohsiung City to the west. It is connected to Kaohsiung Port to the south and only 500 meters from Kaohsiung International Airport to the north. The park is approximately 3km from the expressway terminal interchange, making it an ideal choice for convenient traffic and communications.

Peripheral resources:

  • Transportation:
    Kaohsiung International Airport, expressway, Kaohsiung Port, Container Terminal No. 5 (Kaohsiung Port), Kaohsiung MRT.
  • Environmental protection:
    Joint wastewater treatment plant, Nan-hsin Project Zone, and the Kaohsiung City Environmental Protection Bureau’s Southern District Waste Management Plant.
  • Medical:
    Hsiao-Kang Hospital and Antai Tian-Sheng Memorial Hospital.
  • Energy resources:
    Taiwan Power Company Dalin Thermal Power Plant, Taiwan Water Corporation Fongshan Water Treatment Plant, CPC Corporation Dalin Plant.
  • Human resources, academics:
    National Kaohsiung Hospitality College, Open University of Kaohsiung, and the Siaogang Social Education Center in Kaohsiung.
  • Recreation:
    The Luotuoshan Recreational and Tourism Reservation, Blue Highway Fongbitou Pier, Gaozi Tower Art Cultural Park, Kaohsiung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau Southern District Waste Management Plant Subsidiary Community Center, , and the China Steel Corporation movie theater and gym.

Recruitment Project

Project Goals

  1. To properly implement the resident company recruitment project, lead in the utilization of industrial land in the park, and bring prosperity to the local economy.
  2. To accommodate WTO trade agreements, and to comply with government policies and seize business opportunities.
  3. The full utilization of factory space currently in suspension and to attract investors through incentives to maximize economic benefit.

Location, Geography, Origins, Land Allocation, Current Plant and Employee Numbers

  1. Geographical Location: Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park straddles Kaohsiung City’s Cianjhen and Siaogang districts, and sits next to the newly developed Dapingding Township with a population of 300,000. As the only heavy industrial zone in Taiwan with direct access to an international airport and commercial port, the park is just one step away from the world market.
  2. Geography: Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park is south of Fongshan City, the national expressway, Cianjhen Export Processing Zone, and the Kaohsiung International Airport; west of the Fongshan Reservoir and east of the Nan-hsin Project Zone. The industrial zone is excellently located with access to convenient communications and valuable human resources.
  3. Origins: In 1972, the Taiwan government began the planning and construction of Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park for the acceleration of national economic development. The industrial park was also needed to meet the needs of CPC Corporation’s 4th Naphtha Cracking Plant and its satellite industries. Construction of the park began in 1972 and was completed in December 1977. The Service Center was established in April 1973.
  4. Land allocation: Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park is a large and comprehensive 1,582-hectare industrial zone divided into the following areas: public infrastructure (124 hectares), comprehensive industrial area (1,409 hectares), industrial reserve area (27 hectares), residential area (22 hectares).
  5. Resident companies: 493.
  6. Employees: Approximately 30,000.

Investment Advantages in the Offshore Shipping Center and Bonded Zone

  1. Fully utilized vacant lands immediately ready for production.
  2. Abundant human resources (from nearby city/county).
  3. Abundant investment incentives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and Kaohsiung City Government.
    1. Preferential leasing policy: Providing incentives for Park investment and development, new Park residents will enjoy tax exemptions on their investments, an industrial-use classification on their land value tax, the lowest classification on their land value increment tax, and exemptions on new-related electricity hardware fees, etc.
  4. Complete industry structure: the Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park is a comprehensive industrial zone, home to a variety of industry types, and holds available lands for purchase for the establishment of manufacturing plants. Nearby Kaohsiung and Nanzih processing zones can provide deep processing support and hardware for inter-industry cooperation.
  5. Good public infrastructure: Well-maintained public utilities, telecommunications, drainage system, wastewater treatment plant, environmental and health utilities, and Southern District Waste Management Plant (Environmental Protection Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government).
  6. Convenient communications system: Located next to an expressway, the Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park just over 10 minutes from the Kaohsiung International Airport and Kaohsiung Port.
  7. Government-sponsored technical information service team: Providing assistance with business management, R&D, external trade information, financial information, market and other service assistance through the China Productivity Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Metal Industries Research & Development Center, Institute for Information Industry, Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund, and Taiwan External Trade Development Council.
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