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Regulations for Providing Tax Incentives to Operation Headquarters of Enterprises 企業營運總部租稅獎勵實施辦法
Regulations for Encouraging Foreign Profit-Seeking Enterprises to Establish International Logistic and Distribution Center in Taiwan 外國營利事業來臺設立國際物流配銷中心獎勵實施辦法
Regulations for Providing Assistance in Electronic Business of Manufacturing Industries and Technical Service Industries 製造業及技術服務業公司電子化輔導辦法
Regulations for Providing Assistance in the Development of Conventional Industries' New Products 傳統工業新產品開發輔導辦法
Criteria for Repealing Industrial Park Designation 工業區廢止編定認定標準
Regulations for Examination of the Construction Management Plan for Land Reclamation on Tidal Land in Industrial Parks 工業區海埔地造地施工管理計畫審查辦法
Regulations Governing Application for Designation, Development, Lease, Sale and Administration of Industrial Parks by Entrusted Enterprises 工業區委託申請編定開發租售及管理辦法
Regulations Governing Operation and Administration of Exclusive Industrial Harbor and Exclusive Industrial Wharfs 工業專用港及工業專用碼頭經營管理辦法
Regulations for Lease and Sale of Land and Buildings in Industrial Parks 工業區土地或建築物租售辦法
Regulations for Distributive Sale and Public Sale of Community Land in Industrial Parks 工業區社區用地配售及出售辦法
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