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Regulations for Alteration of Planning of Land in Industrial Parks 工業區用地變更規劃辦法
Regulations Governing Operation and Administration of Administrative Agencies to be Established by a Public or Private Enterprise Entrusted by Authorities in Charge of Industries 工業主管機關委託公民營事業設置管理機構之經營管理辦法
The Policy for Establishment of Industrial Parks 工業區設置方針
Fee Scale for Examination of Application for Alteration of Planning of the Land in Industrial Parks 工業區用地申請變更規劃審查收費標準
Regulations for Income, Disbursement, Custody and Utilization of the Industrial Park Development and Management Fund 工業區開發管理基金收支保管及運用辦法
Regulations for Examination of the Application Filed by Industrial Entrepreneurs for Use of the Adjoining Non-Urban Land and Area of Land Required in its Factory Expansion Plan 興辦工業人申請利用毗連非都市土地擴展計劃及用地面積審查辦法
Regulations for Preferential Purchase of Land in Industrial Parks by Owner of Expropriated Land 被徵收土地所有權人優先承購工業區土地實施辦法
Statute for Upgrading Industries 促進產業升級條例
Enforcement Rules of the Statute for Upgrading Industries 促進產業升級條例施行細則
Regulations Governing Application of Tax Credit Incentive to Investments in Purchasing Equipment or Technology by Internet Enterprises, Manufacturing Enterprises and Technical Service Enterprises 網際網路業製造業及技術服務業購置設備或技術適用投資抵減辦法
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